Our Datacenters
E-power. Your advantage.

EES (e-shelter energy services), an e-shelter and SEC -subsidiary takes care of excellent energy services:

Power procurement and supply at best-price rates (annual contracts)

Power supply up to 0.4 kV

• Double redundant power supply (110 kV high Voltage) from 2 different power suppliers

Own transformerstation onsite (110kV to 20kV)

· Emergeny power supply package installations

• Installation of own power plant plus net connection

Professional service and maintenance of power supply-, emergeny power supply- and cooling installations

• Partial coupling of power supply and cooling to optimize energy consumption

• In Germany "ecotax" savings of app. 2Pf/ kWh
Facility management services, planning, authorization procedures, compliance with security regulations

E-power-service: We do the energy- und facility-management in e-shelter hosting labs™
Your advantage:

Cost transparency and supply security
•Concentration on core-business activities
•Limited fixed costs for energy supply and operation l
•Best-acquisition prices on the deregulated market